Locks Maintenance Schedule


The Canal Authority have informed in their Advisory A-08-2016 of the following tentative schedule of lane outages:

  • May 4-6 2.5 days Miraflores
  • May 24-27 4 days Miraflores
  • Jun 15-17 2.5 days Miraflores
  • July 5-8 4 days Miraflores
  • July 26-29 4 days Pedro Miguel
  • Aug 17-19 2.5 days Gatun
  • Sep 7-9 2.5 days Gatun

    During these dates demand for the Transit Reservation System (booking) is expected to far exceed the slots available. Bookings are allocated according to a customer weighted ranking. An additional slot open daily via auction.


Transit Draft Restrictions

Panama’s dry season commenced December 2015. As previously mentioned, because of a disappointing rainfall exacerbated by the “El Nino” effect, it is most likely the max transit draft (39’06”/12.04M TFW) will be reduced during the 2nd half of April. An official advice from the Canal Authority could be issued in the near future.

Transit Reservation System / Canal Ancillary Charges

The PCA are expected to issue amended transit booking rules/regulations and a new tariff for ancillary charges (tugs, line handlers, etc), however to date no indication when these will be published.

Vessel Requirements for the New Locks

For ready reference we attach an extract from Notice to Shipping N-1-2016 – four (4) pages. At this time we anticipate the opening of the Neopanamax locks to world shipping to be some time during the 2nd half of this year.