Possible Canal Maximum Transit Draft Restriction


We attach Canal Advisory A-05-2016 informing of an anticipated draft restriction during April. Date of implementation to be advised. For the moment the maximum transit draft remains at 39 feet 06 inches (12.04M) Tropical Fresh Water at deepest point of immersion. Water density at Gatun Lake is 0.9954 gms/cc at 85 deg F (29.4 deg C). [Transition to fresh water frequently alters the trim of large vessels 3 to 4 inches (7.5 to 10 centimeters) by the head].

NOTE: New buildings or first time transits, operators/owners are required to submit bilge keel information in order vessel may be considered eligible for the maximum draft.


New Tolls Structure

April 1st the new tariff will take effect. Attached our updated Basic Canal Costs Guides (2).
Note we are expecting a revised tariff to cover ancillary charges i.e. line handlers, tugs locomotives, etc. for Neopanamax vessels.


Internet / Bank Fraud

A further reminder that email hacking and false bank details are a constant threat. We attach an advice from our P. and I., which please bring to the attention of those responsible for your foreign remittances.

Once again we confirm our bank details:

Citibank N.A.
111 Wall St.
New York, N.Y. 10043
Swift: CITIUS33 / ABA 021000089
Beneficiary: Norton Lilly International (Panama) S.A.
Account No.: 36937495

NOTE: If you receive instructions to remit to a different account from the above, please contact us by telephone before proceeding. Please make sure you are responding to our correct email domain: @norton-lilly.com otherwise contact us immediately by telephone.