Hazard to Navigation Cristobal


We attach hereto Panama Canal Advisory A-03-2016 concerning sunken vessel M/V “ALITA”. Recommend owners/operators pass this on to vessels’ masters. Likewise vessels, under our care, prior to arrival Cristobal will be informed.

Canal Tariff (Tolls/Ancillary Charges)

Our FLASH advice of January 7, 2015 and April 30, 2015 circulated the Canal Authority tolls tariff to take effect April 1st, 2016. To date the PCA have not indicated when a revised tariff to cover ancillary charges i.e. line handlers, tugs, locomotives, etc. will be published, nor date of implementation.

Canal Expansion

Although a press release from the PCA was made last December (2015) there is still no firm date for when the new locks will be open to world shipping – possibly the 2nd half of 2016 at the earliest.


Canal operations at present normal, waiting times non booked vessels about 48 hours max 72 hours.

Proposal to Modify the Panama Canal Tolls Structure

The Canal Authority issued a press release April 29 (attached) informing that the proposal for the new tolls structure was submitted to the Government by the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) has been approved.

Our Panama Flash of January 7, 2015 circulated the proposed tariff. We are reviewing in order identify if any changes were made subsequent to the public hearing of February 27.

The calculation of tolls has been changed for some category of vessels. Bulkers, tolls will be based on deadweight tons and metric tons. LPG will be calculated in cubic meters.

The new tariff will take effect April 1, 2016.